<Patrick Christiansen>  At the birth of Eliana Christiansen <Daniela Brünner>


  you arrived at our hearts

  with joyful  love

 long before life starts


 you arrived in time

 with lack of cloth

 and without a dime


 you arrived at this place

 without expectations

 we offer this your space


 you arrived with me

 to become your self

 and a part of we

 you arrived with a cry                 

 to say with demand:

 Here am I!


 you scream that loud

 throughout life

 makes us proud


 you will be our star

 we welcome you here

 whoever you are


 our hearts for cloth

 you take with joy

 and for dimes our love


Chris Albright, 2006

Dear Daniela

and  Patrick!


 Congratulation and

 best wishes for  you

 and your little baby-







of Wilhelm Fuhrhop)