Christian Albrecht Theodor Christiansen

1873 - 1911

Christian Albrecht Theodor Christiansen
was born at his fathers Inn "Angler-Schwansener Hof" in Arnis, July 9th 1873.
He died in his home in Suederbrarup, August 5th 1911.

First shop and workshop

Albrecht Christiansen was an excellent skilled, dilligent and industrious watchmaker. 25 years of age he managed to open his 1. shop on Main Street (Hauptstraße) in Suederbrarup, while at the same time to be engaged with Margaretha Dorothea Fuhrhop, who he married in St. Michaels Church in Hamburg, July 20th 1900. Soon the next year the family moved to a new and spacier flat on the 1st floor in Station Street (Bahnhofstr.) 4. After buying up a watchmakers shop of extended scale in Hamburg, the biggest watchmaker and jewelers shop with workshop in the area was opened in the ground floor. It was the same year where the 1st child, Albrecht jr., was born.

In spite of being hard at work, which he at his master examination crowned with the dream of every watchmaker, a precision masterclock, he was a family man. They had a total of 7 children and until now has 101 descendants in 5 generations. But he also took care of the brethren of Margaretha - Gretchen -, Wilhelm and Carls education in England, granting them fair loans because his father-in-law lost most of his money during the economic collapse of Brasil where he had invested it in bonds.

The business of Albrecht was doing well, but money is not all that matters. In Breklum, a theological collage, he took an education as laypastor in the evangelical branch of the Northelbian State Church, Fellowship in the State Church (Gemeinschaft in der Landeskirche), where he also had his personal network. The nearest friends were the families Carstensen of the Motormill and Bergmann. Albrecht had a theological wide horizon where he also became interested in the doctrine of the 2nd Advent of Christ . During the years of the 1st decade he bought literature from colporteurs of the Advent Movement (Seventh Day Adventists). These books will 45 years after his death be part of the cause that his son Max and his family will join this church.
At the birth of the 3rd child, Margarethe jr., the familys state of wealth had reached the point where the children were given a nurse (Ida). Surely they had other servants too.

One of the most known apprentices, that Albrecht Christiansen had in his workshop, was Julius Brons, watchmaker on Main Street (Große Straße) in Flensburg. His descendants are watchmakers of the 3rd generation.

Albrecht died of tuberculosis in Suedebrarup 10 days before his youngest son, Hans, was born. He was burried in the church yard of Suederbrarup.


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